When starting an advertising agency years ago I sought help from anyone that would offer. One little tidbit was to be creative and name it for something other than yourself. The name, passion and metaphor become intertwined and registered with the Secretary of State and BlackSand Media Inc. was discovered. The logo represents the initials BS (not just an accident) in the form of a flowing river. The colors are gold, black sand, and mineralization.

The metaphors that arise out of finding the yellow stuff reverberate after ions. Prospecting comes to the top of the list. There is an old adage that states “Gold is where you find it”. You can’t find it if you don’t look....and you can’t look everywhere. Take your knowledge set and dig there. Gain experience and dig there. Dig and not find anything, don’t dig there. Simple and true logic that equates to the business world yet tossed aside too often.

When panning for gold you are not looking for gold. You are eliminating everything that isn’t gold. Because of it’s specific gravity gold will, when given a shaking, sink to the bottom of the pan. The more practice you have the quicker you can get to the good stuff on the bottom.

Gold is an amazing metal. It is twice as heavy as lead, It is also the only metal that forms no oxide film on it's surface meaning that it will never rust or tarnish. Gold is so malleable that one ounce can produce a wire 60 miles in length and a 2.5 inch cube can be hammered thin enough to cover a football field.

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BlackSand Logo

A Good Day in Indiana Creeks

( that’s gold and black sand )

Gold Found in Indiana